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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Green Again

I don't know where this interest started. I just can't seem to stop and NO ONE would dare talk about it. It's sooo gross. I know it is, but it's not really that gross. There are a lot sicker things in the world than eating your own boogies.

I've often wondered, if booger eating is so horribly awful for you, then why don't I get sick more than the average NBE (non-booger eater)? Maybe your boogers have a function besides keeping the insides of your nose slightly moist. Maybe they help your body maintain a slight amount of foul germs inside of it and boost your immune system.

My parents (who know about my habit) gave me an article once that they found. It was from a Swiss doctor who claimed that people who eat their own boogers have the right idea because it provides your body with, not a healthy treat, but a low dose of viruses and the like and helps you fight infections. MMmmm...come to think of it, when I was taking a German class, I knew this guy who had been an exchange student in Switzerland. He said his whole adopted family used to sit around and eat their boogers together, often comparing them and bragging. Maybe the Swiss are on to something...

Am I alone on this or what?

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Go Big Green

Here's a taboo idea: booger eating.. Why is it such a big deal? I was tired of googling information on it and not finding anything so I decided to start my own blog dedicated to it. Mainly I really want to know why people do it and I'm not talking about little kids.

My interest in boogers started when I was small. I remember my parents always telling me, "Get your finger out of your nose!" or "Stop eating your boogers!" I didn't understand why. They had this great slimey texture, a neutral taste and they were readily available. Plus it was a great time filler.

I became a bigger kid. I still liked boogers but now I had to hide it. Couldn't relay anymore on my childhood innocence. Had to hide under blankets or go into the bathroom to feed my addiction. It was the worst at slumber parties when you would wake up and feel a really great one up there and have to save it for later.

I always wondered, "When am I gonna stop this?" But I never really considered stopping. Thought I would grow out of it, or that is wouldn't interest me anymore.

Now here I am. 27 with my finger up my nose. Searching for that green gold.